21 April 2024

What is Likhari?

What is Likhari?

Likhari is a Punjabi/Hindi word and is used as a characteristic (generic) term to indicate WRITERS/AUTHORS: a whole group of peoples who pursue the act of writing in any form eg. letters, diaries, articles, short stories, poetry, plays/dramas, fictions or non fiction texts and scripts in any area of interest to the human kind.

LIKHARI is an internet magazine and use Punjabi (Gurmukhi Script), Shahmukhi Punjabi(Urdu Script) and English script.

LIKHARI aims to encourage people to write in Punjabi/Shamukhi Punjabi and in English.

LIKHARI’s aim is to encourage you to express yourself in writing. 

Likhari believes that CREATIVE WRITING, in any form, has a healing power. Therefore, ‘Likhari’ encourages and supports you to write so that you are able to express yourself positively and by doing so you try to heal yourself and others.

Are you Creative and willing to express yourself positively?

Dear Likhari Ji! ‘LiKHARI’ is willing to listen and publish on the web your inner thoughts if you are brave enough to expose your feelings.

This World of ours is very unique. It has a rich variety of diverse cultures, cultural differences, traditions and social values and stigmas. So, here is a chance to explore, learn, teach, understand and be understood by others. Why not share and exchange your inner thoughts with others.

If you are willing to experiment and pursue the art of Creative writing as a form of pure art and also as a healing process then you are most welcome to send your contributions: poems, stories, articles, creative works relating to socio-cultural matters, travels, health, personal experiences/developments, diaries, philosophy etc.

Writing has no boundaries. It can be anything of interest and useful. You are also welcome to send photos.

BUT the contents of your submission must be original and must be in conformity of our terms. If you are submitting any translation work, then you must provide written permission from the original author.

We accept your work in Punjabi, Shamukhi Punjabi and English.

For Punjabi (Gurmukhi Script) contributions please note that LIKHARI uses Unicode Fonts. If you still do not use Unicode Fonts then until you do, please send your work in any Punjabi Font and Likhari will do the necessary conversion.

For English work use any general English Fonts provided with your PC.

All contributions are published at the sole discretion of the editor/co-ordinator of ‘LIKHARI’. Likhari reserves the right to amend and edit if necessary. If any major amendment is necessary we seek your permission before publishing.(Also read the TERMS).


Please note that by submitting your Creative work for publication to LIKHARI, you truthfully assert that the Creative work being submitted is your own creation. You are the lawful copyright owner/holder to the submitted work. Further you are also asserting that you have not infringed on someone else’s copyright, in creating your work.

By submitting your work, you grant ‘LIKHARI’, unlimited internet rights and copyright to Likhari.

Likhari is not responsible or liable for loss of visitors to the site who violates your copyright and distribute your work without your permission. To safeguard your authority we post and print COPYRIGHT notices on each and every page.

Please also note that you will not receive any monetary compensation for your work published on LIKHARI site. The actual/immediate compensation we offer to all our contributors is a home for your creative work.

You grant us the right to organise, categorise and publish your work on the website in any manner we see fit and proper. We may remove or re-publish any work at our discretion as and when we feel necessary and on demand, without having to secure your permission.

If you need any further information/clarification please donot hesitate to e-mail your questions.